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What is Ectropion?
Ectropion is a medical condition involving sagging and the outward turning of the lower eyelids and eyelashes. The margin of the eyelid essentially everts or turns out. The rubbing that is a result of the condition can cause excessive tearing, mucous discharge, irritation, crusting around the eyelid and/or corneal drying from exposure.

What Causes Ectropion?
For most, ectropion is caused by relaxation of the eyelid tissues due to aging. Some are caused by trauma, skin cancer or previous eyelid surgery. In rare cases it is a congenital problem.

How Can it be Treated?
Surgical intervention prevents excessive exposure and damage to the cornea and conjunctiva. The eye can be taped along with the use of lubricating drops and ointments prior to surgery. For some, sutures can be placed through the lower lid until further surgery can be performed.

The surgery itself is conducted under local anesthesia on an outpatient basis. The eyelid and its attachments are then tightened. The eye will be patched the day of surgery, and use of antibiotic ointment will be necessary. Following the healing process, the eye should feel natural, with no scarring, infection or vision loss. There should also be a sense of increased comfort.