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Pterygium and Pinguecula are abnormal growths on the surface of the eye. While most are merely cosmetic imperfections, some Pterygium can interfere with vision.

What is a Pinguecula?
A Pinguecula is the thickening of the conjunctiva on either side of the eye. It appears as a whitish or yellowish lump, and is composed of benign material. A Pinguecula never grows onto the cornea. It is separated from the cornea by normal tissue.

What Causes a Pinguecula?
Like Pterygium, Pinguecula are caused by exposure and sunlight. Pinguecula are more frequently found in climates that are warm, dusty and dry. People exposed to the environment are more prone to Pinguecula growth. What are the symptoms of Pinguecula? For most, Pinguecula creates no symptoms. There can be some burning and stinging, however. A Pinguecula may become irritated by smoke, dust or wind. It does not interfere with sight, and is considered a cosmetic condition.

How is a Pinguecula Treated?
In most cases, treatment of a Pinguecula is not necessary. Drops can be used to clear any redness or irritation. Surgical removal is rarely required. However, a Pinguecula may be removed for cosmetic reasons. As with Pterygium, Pinguecula frequently return after removal.

Prevention is always the best treatment! The eyes should be protected from excessive sunlight and environmental exposure with proper sunglasses. If you are experiencing symptoms of an eye growth or vision problem, please contact our office to schedule an appointment.