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There is a new refractive surgery procedure capable of reducing or even eliminating the need for bifocals and reading glasses for certain categories of patients. This procedure, called PRELEX (for “Presbyopic Lens Exchange”), can reduce or eliminate your need for corrective lenses for distance and near (reading) vision.

This procedure replaces the imperfect focusing lens inside your eye with a specially designed, multifocal intraocular lens (IOL). The surgical procedure used is identical to the proven safe and effective, out-patient procedure used for cataract surgery for over 25 years. Our practice is now working with the only eye surgeon in our area fully trained and qualified in the use of this procedure for PRELEX. Dr. Nicolitz and his associates and technical office staff have been full trained and certified in PRELEX counseling, surgery and post operative care.


What’s the Cost?
The cost of PRELEX is comparable to other refractive procedures (like LASIK), none of which can correct vision for distance and near. More important, however, is the fact that the other refractive procedures have not been proven effective for the types of vision conditions that PRELEX corrects.


If you would like to consider this new refractive procedure, our office can arrange a complete evaluation and consultation for you. This session will last up to 90 minutes, and will be at no charge to you, whether you proceed with PRELEX or not. We do ask, however, that you please have a serious interest in this procedure if you decide to schedule an evaluation. If you have further questions about PRELEX, you can ask to speak with me directly or our special PRELEX consultant, Dr. Louis Catania.